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We have over 50 member organizations working in Madagascar to save lemurs from extinction.

Filter members by type of lemur, region of Madagascar, and more to focus your donation.

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Lemurs are the world’s most endangered group of mammals.

Let’s work together to protect their habitat in Madagascar and save them from extinction!

lemuractionplanThe Lemur Conservation Network helps implement the crucial lemur survival action plan with help from you—our community of lemur fans! Here’s how you can help:


  • While Madagascar the movie may live on digitally forever, this fantastic island nation’s unique and rare species, once lost, will be gone forever.

    Alison Clausen, Madagascar Country Director for Wildlife Conservation Society, in The Guardian

  • Without collaborative and immediate action, it is possible that our great-grandchildren will never see the beautiful ecosystems and wildlife that many of us are fortunate to live in and research.

    Christopher Golden PhD, MPH, Director of HEAL (Health & Ecosystems: Analysis of Linkages), Wildlife Conservation Society