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We have over 50 member organizations working in Madagascar to save lemurs from extinction.

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Lemurs are the world’s most endangered group of mammals.

Let’s work together to protect their habitat in Madagascar and save them from extinction!

lemuractionplanThe Lemur Conservation Network helps implement the crucial lemur survival action plan with help from you—our community of lemur fans! Here’s how you can help:


  • Understanding the story of lemurs–their diversity, origins, and the way they exist in their environment–helps us understand our own evolution. If we lose lemurs to extinction, we lose a vital piece of our own story.

    Steig Johnson, Ph.D., Biological Anthropologist and Associate Professor, University of Calgary

  • Only together can we save the lemurs and wildlife into the future.

    Dr. Patricia Wright, Director of Centre ValBio, in For the Love of Lemurs